I Want To Know How Much Cash I Can Get

This is not an application. Inquiries are generally responded to within 48 hours.Customers need to reside within 50 miles of any of our 4 locations.

About Us

Good credit, bad credit, no credit bring your lien-free car, tractor, or boat title for fast, easy cash in 30 minutes!

Who We Are…

Dick’s Title Loans is a convenient, fast, and reliable opportunity for our customers in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area to receive cash they need it in the shortest amount of time. Imagine getting a short term loan, regardless of your credit.in as little as 30 minutes!

What began as a small town pawn shop opening its doors in 1987 in the Greater Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Dick’s Pawn would emerge to revolutionize an entire industry. From a simple beginning, Dick’s Pawn has become the largest retail pawn experience in the United States and for over 29 years has delivered a customer experience that is unparalleled throughout the industry. This is why Dick’s Title Loans was created to put our customers first!

We serve thousands of customers each week by getting them cash to cover their needs with friendly, professional service and competitive rates. We will approve you regardless of your credit score or even with no credit at all. We pride ourselves on getting you the loan you need the same day you apply. With four convenient locations, and another one on the way, Dick’s Title Loans makes getting a loan fast, easy, and convenient.

Dick’s Pawn Superstore – Dick’s Title Loans, The Ultimate Pawn Experience! Make Myrtle Beach, South Carolina your destination. Come on in, "Super Dick" and our team will make it a great experience.

Services We Offer

We understand the story. You need a short term loan for things you need and no one wants to help. You have filled out multiple applications and were turned down because of your credit. At Dick’s Title Loans we don’t care about your credit report or filling out endless forms. We know there are circumstances and challenges where the only solution is cash. This is why we provide fast, easy cash by allowing you to use your car title to get the money you need. In as little as 30 minutes Dick’s Title Loans can put cash in your pocket and send you on your way to take care of your needs.

Do you already have a car loan? We may be able to help you by refinancing your existing loan! In most cases, we can pay off your existing loan and extend you a new loan with a lower interest rate. Come see us and we will help you get back on track today!


If you have a boat that is paid for or if you have equity in your boat Dick’s Title Loans will loan you cash on your boat too! That’s right. We make cash loans by using your boat without a credit check. You can fill out I Want To Know How Much Cash I Can Get to get started or just bring your boat, or your boat and title, to Dick’s Title Loans for a quick appraisal and get cash in your pocket in as little as 30 minutes. Your boat is your security and we loan money on boats every day!


If you have a tractor that is paid for or if you have equity in your tractor we will loan you cash on your tractor. That’s right! Your tractor can get you cash without doing a credit check. Just fill out I Want To Know How Much Cash I Can Get to get started on a loan, or you can just bring in your tractor and your title to Dick’s Title Loans for a quick appraisal. We can have cash in your hands in just a few minutes! Your tractor can be the security you need to get the cash you need the very same day.


Have you used your vehicle title to secure a loan from another lender? We can help you refinance your loan by paying off your old loan and helping you get a lower interest rate on a new loan. You can have lower payments and cash in your pocket in just a few minutes. Come in to Dick’s Title Loans today and speak with one of our qualified loan representatives to help you ease the burden of higher interest rates and higher payments. We love helping people.